What is defeat?

Defeat is something more than just losing a chance to win.

On the other hand, defeat is nothing but education. It is the first step to something better. Don’t let yourself be defeated by yourself. Don’t let yourself be defeated by anything or anyone. Keep moving forward though it seems to be tougher than you think. And in the end, you’ll probably say you can’t be defeated.


Hello world!


In this site, you can find lots of things about HOME. Anything related to HOME. That includes -but not limited to- : things at home, things you can’t do at home, persons at home, things you do at home, things you do in your back or front yard, your friends with whom you played in your childhood, fashion at home, home shopping, business at home, and even home business.

Anything that can make the house feel like home…. just like HOME SWEET HOME!!

So please enjoy and make your self at HOME 🙂

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