Tomcat in Jakarta Still Normal

The tomcat attack which started in East Java is now entering Jakarta. However, Jakarta Provincial Government stressed that tomcat population in the city is still in normal amount. Besides, no citizens are reported become the victims from this insect’s sting.
Head of Jakarta Maritime and Agriculture Department (DKP) Ipih Ruyani confirms about the presence of tomcat in Jakarta. And based on the monitoring done by Jakarta DKP Plant Pest Organism Control Officers (POPT), the amount of tomcat in the city is still in normal amount.
“POPT will continuously monitor tomcat population in paddy fields in Jakarta. Our officers are ready to handle tomcat’s population explosion if it happens in Jakarta,” she stated, Saturday (3/24).
In order to prevent tomcat’s population explosion, residents are urged to clean the bushes. “Also make good sanitation system and clean the house routinely. Healthy lifestyle can prevent tomcat’s growth in Jakarta,” she told.
According to Ipih, tomcat is actually farmers-friendly because it eats planthoppers (hama wereng) in paddy fields. Therefore, she urges citizens not to worry about tomcat because it only stings people if their presence is jeopardized.
Meanwhile, Head of Jakarta Health Department Dien Emmawati stated that until now, no citizens are being treated in sub-district community health centers (Puskesmas) because of stung by tomcat. “No patients until today,” she asserted.
However, her department has alerted 44 sub-district Puskesmas in all Jakarta areas to give first aid for tomcat victim. For tomcat victim, Dien explained, first of all the person must do is cleaned the sting and the put salve on it.

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